Beyoncé's 'Vogue' Portrait Will Be Displayed at Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Last year, photographer Tyler Mitchell made history by becoming the first black person to shoot a cover for Vogue when his portrait of Beyonce landed on the cover of the iconic publication’s September issue. 

Well, that was just one of several images he shot, and now Tyler and Bey are headed to the Smithsonian. 

On Tuesday, Tyler took to social media to announce this photo of Beyonce has officially been acquired by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. 

Sharing the portrait of Bey on his Instagram page, Tyler wrote, “A year ago today we broke the flood gates open. Since then it was important to spend the whole year running through them making sure every piece of the gate was knocked down.”

In a statement to CNN, the associate curator of photographs at the Smithsonian confirmed the news, writing, “We are delighted to acquire this magnificent portrait of Beyoncé.”

The Institution will reportedly add the image to its collection in Washington D.C. as part of an exhibit to be displayed at a later date.

Congratulations Tyler! For more on this story, head to And until next time, for Billboard News, it’s your girl Jordyn Rolling.